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Rafi 10/2009

These pages have grown uncontrollably from a modest beginning in 1993, when a home page was a rarity. I cannot pinpoint when exactly over the years was it that I lost the fight against this unstable self-(dis)organised growth. I was probably never in control. If your time is short, I recommend to start with the 'research interests' page and possibly continue to the 'Selected publications'. You are, of course, welcome to visit all the pages but be warned that there is always the possibility of getting lost in the overgrown meandering paths.
R. B.

On Force Chains
Force chains can be found
And in granular materials they abound
Now although isostaticity
Has caused great turbidity
That particular stress theory is sound

(RB April 2006)

On Stato-elasticity I
Some put their faith in Elasticity
Others swear on Isostaticity
But I stand before you
To tell you boldly
That Stato-elasticity is the one and only

(RB April 2008)

On Stato-elasticity II
A theory called Elasticity
Was challenged by Isostaticity
But I tell you boldly
That real packs mostly
Should follow Stato-elasticity

(RB April 2008)

(To follow recent progress on this issue see recent entries in the granular section of my research interests. You will also find there other limericks based on my research.)

Temporary link: Sean's graduation from UCL, 08 Sept 2010. He has been conferred upon a degree of MSci of Theoretical Physics. Here is a short unadulterated video